Marmaris is a city along the shoreline of the Turkish Riviera in southern Turkey known for its shopping centers and markets. Enjoy A Memorable Holiday Experience, Vibrant nightlife, exciting activities, white-sand beaches and lots of remarkable family-friendly memories. The traditional bazaars are a popular destination, with a wide range of goods including textiles, jewelry, and handicrafts. Marmaris sits in a valley between pine-forested mountains and clear waters, which are popular sailing and diving destinations.




Is Marmaris worth visiting?

If you like sun, sea, sand and beautiful scenery, then yes, It is worth visiting. It is located on the Aegean Sea and surrounded by pine-covered hills every which way you look.

Armed with its own great things to do, it is perfectly situated to explore Turkey more widely and the availability of excursions makes this an easy feat.


How to get to Marmaris

The nearest airport is located in Dalaman which is 90 km from Marmaris. Mainly used for charter flights with tourists going to the Turkish Riviera such as Marmaris and Fathiye.

After arriving to Dalaman airport, There are many ways to get to Marmaris:


1. Bus

Taking the bus from Dalaman airport to Marmaris is a great travel alternative for those on a budget. Timing is coordinated to the flights arrival and it takes 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the city.

2. Airport Taxi

Dalaman airport taxi is available 24/7, calculate their prices using a taximeter, based on the travelled. Choosing airport taxi to Marmaris is the one of the best ways and provides cheap door-to-door services.

3. Private car transfer

We recommend you to pre-book online airport transfer service if you wish to have a private transfer waiting for you




7 things in Marmaris that you don’t wan to miss

Let’s discover some of the most famous attractions in Marmaris. Here is the list of attractions that you don’t want to miss.


1. Ataturk statue

A monument to the first president of turkey, and the founder of modern turkey. It is a public plaza where you can have couple pictures.تمثال اتاتورك - رحلات تركيا - مرماريس - مواكب للسياحة Ataturk statu - Turkey trips - Mawakeb Travel


2. Dancing fountain

It is a major tourist magnet that locates in the heart the of town center. The fountain is crowded specially by night.

Every night the music and light bring life to the fountain leaving the best performances and shows.

Several restaurants are located along the street with a great converge on the fountain. Just make sure to be there before 08:00 PM and enjoy your dinner while the fountain adds magic to the air.

النافورة الراقصة - رحلات تركيا - مرماريس - مواكب للسياحة The Dancing Fontain - Marmaris - Turkey trips - Mawakeb Travel


3. Grand Bazaar

This Bazaar runs between the dancing fountain and the castle. It has a huge number or merchandise and you can find anything here.

The bazaar is a great place to get in expensive souvenirs, rugs, spices, and more.

بازار - رحلات تركيا - مرماريس - مواكب للسياحة Grand Bazaar- Marmaris - Turkey trips - Mawakeb Travel


4. Marmaris castle and Museum

It is the only historical landmark in Marmaris. Built by the Ionians the Greeks in 1044 BC, and rebuilt by Suleyman the Magnificent in 1522 as a military base.

It was restored in 1970, and has been an accommodation area with 18 houses and fountain.

In 1991, the Castle has been opened to the visitors and serves as an archaeology museum.

قلعة مرمريس- رحلات تركيا - مرماريس- مواكب للسياحة Marmaris Castle- Marmaris - Turkey trips - Mawakeb Travel


5. Go on a Boat Trip

Spend a day on boat that take you to Marmaris nearby bays and beaches. The boat might stop several times where you have the possibility to swim in turquoise sea.

رحلات قارب- رحلات تركيا - مرماريس- مواكب للسياحة Boat Trips - Marmaris - Turkey trips - Mawakeb Travel


6. Relax on the Beach

Marmaris has lovely beaches, whether its public beach or hotel’s beach. Therefore, you can soak up the sun and swim in the clear waters.شاطئ مرمريس- رحلات تركيا - مرماريس- مواكب للسياحة Marmaris Beaches - Marmaris - Turkey trips - Mawakeb Travel


7. Take a Jeep Safari

This is a popular way to explore the surrounding countryside and see some of the region’s beautiful scenery.

رحلات جيب- رحلات تركيا - مرماريس- مواكب للسياحة Jeep Safari- Marmaris - Turkey trips - Mawakeb Travel


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