Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and the only city in the world built on two continents. The Bosphorus Strait crosses through the city’s heart causing the division of Europe and Asia. It has a rich history that dates back to ancient times. Also, it has been the capital of various empires throughout its history such as the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Today, with a population of 15 million, it has become a major cultural, economic, and tourist center, known for its stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and vibrant nightlife.


Why Istanbul?

One of the most accurate things that can be said about Istanbul is that the city welcomes tourists all seasons of the year. With many sights to see and activities to do and a lot of places to visit including palaces, museums, parks, shopping bazaars, and restaurants.

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Climate in Istanbul

It has a temperate-marine climate with warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Average temperatures range from low 5°C in winter to mid 25°C in summer. The city receives the most rainfall in winter and early spring.


Travel tips for Istanbul:

1. Book Your Accommodation before arrival.

It is one of the top tourist destinations. Make sure to book your hotel before arrival.

2. Get Yourself city Kart (Card)

The card is used to pay for all public transportation around the city whether buses, metros, or ship. It’s easy to use so don’t be afraid to use it.

3. Do Not Rent A Car In Istanbul

Istanbul’s traffic is crazy, don’t waste your time in traffic while public transportation is quite comfortable whether its train, tram, ferry or Taxi.

4. Learn A Few Turkish Words Before You Go

While speaking few Turkish words, it will bring you closer to their hearts. few words and phrases will do the necessary.

5. What To Wear?

You can wear anything as long as you dress appropriately while visiting mosques.

6. Wear Comfortable Shoes You Can Easily Walk With

It is very big city. And to be able to see most of the things, you’ll need to walk. So wearing comfortable shoes to walk around the city is a perfect idea.

7. How Many Days Are Enough For Istanbul?

There isn’t specific number of days you should stay in this city. But, personally I’d suggest spending at least 6 – 7 days in order to experience the city a little more.

8. Is it safe for tourists?

It is generally safe for tourists. But like any other place, you just need to take care of yourself and specially Street robbery / Pickpockets.


Transportation in Istanbul

The city offers an easy way to explore it. The Istanbul City Card is a prepaid card that gives tourists and visitors unlimited access to public transportation and access to popular attractions in the city for the number of days you choose. It is a convenient way to pay for and access various services during your visit. With the City Card, you can use public transportation, including buses, trams, metro, ferries, and get free access to 75+ top attractions, tours, and essential local services.


The Istanbul city card is available for purchase in different locations:

    • Airports: Located in the international terminal (Arrival level) in both international airports.
    • Istanbul Visitor Centers: There are three visitor centers in Istanbul, located at Taksim Square, Sultanahmet Square, and at the Bosphorus Cruise Port.
    • Ticket offices: You can also purchase the Card at various ticket offices located at major transportation hubs, such as bus stations and metro stations.
    • Online: You can also purchase the Card online through the official website and the card will be delivered to your hotel.


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