Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is a desert valley located in southern Jordan, known for its stunning desert landscapes and unique rock formations. The valley is home to a number of Bedouin communities, and visitors can experience traditional Bedouin life by camping in a Bedouin tent or participating in a desert tour led by a local guide. It is also a popular spot for adventure activities, including rock climbing, sandboarding, and hot air ballooning. The valley has been used as a filming location for several Hollywood films, including Lawrence of Arabia, and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2011. Wadi Rum is a unique and unforgettable destination, offering visitors a chance to experience the beauty and isolation of the desert.


Climate in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is a desert region, so it has a hot desert climate. The weather can vary significantly depending on the time of year.

In the summer months (June to August), temperatures can be extremely hot, reaching up to 40°C or higher during the day, and it can be very dry with very little precipitation. It’s important to stay hydrated and wear light, breathable clothing if you plan on visiting Wadi Rum during this time.

In the winter months (December to February), temperatures can be much cooler, dropping to around 5°C or lower at night, and there can be occasional rainfall. Visitors should bring warm clothing if they plan to visit during the winter months.

Spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) are generally considered the best times to visit Wadi Rum, as the temperatures are milder, and there is usually more rainfall, making the landscape greener and more vibrant. During these seasons, visitors can expect temperatures to range from 20°C to 30°C during the day and cooler temperatures at night.

10 Things to do in Wadi Rum

1. Take a jeep tour

Explore the desert on a 4×4 jeep tour, led by a local Bedouin guide.جولات جيب-وادي رم-الأردن-مواكب للسياحة Jeep Tour-Wadi Rum-Jordan-Mawateb Travel


2. Go rock climbing

Climb the red sandstone cliffs of Wadi Rum for an adrenaline-fueled adventure.جسر البردة الصخري وادي رم الاردن مواكب للسياحة و السفر the Burdah Rock Bridge in Wadi Rum Jordan Mawateb Travel


3. Try sandboarding

Slide down the dunes on a sandboard for a unique desert experience.التزلج على الرمال-وادي رم-الأردن-مواكب للسياحة sandboarding-Wadi Rum-Jordan-Mawateb Travel


4. Take a hot air balloon ride

Get a bird’s-eye view of the desert from a hot air balloon.منطاط وادي رم الاردن مواكب للسياحة و السفر Hot Air Balloon Wadi Rum Jordan Mawateb Travel


5. Go stargazing

Wadi Rum is known for its clear night skies, perfect for stargazing and observing the stars.تأمل النجوم وادي رم الاردن مواكب للسياحة و السفر stargazing Wadi Rum Jordan Mawateb Travel


6. Hike to natural landmarks

Explore the valleys and hills  on foot, visiting landmarks like the Seven Pillars of Wisdom and the Burdah Rock Bridge.أركان الحكمة السبعة وادي رم الاردن مواكب للسياحة و السفر the Seven Pillars of Wisdom in Wadi Rum Jordan Mawateb Travel


7. Camp in a Bedouin tent

Spend a night in a traditional Bedouin tent, under the stars and surrounded by the desert.خيم مخيم وادي رم الاردن مواكب للس Tent in Wadi Rum Jordan Mawateb Travel

Explore Wadi Rum